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Discharging Taxes Through Bankruptcy

Many people are of the mistaken belief that taxes can never be discharged in a Bankruptcy. Personal income taxes, some payroll taxes, and sales taxes can be discharged using a bankruptcy if the tax returns were actually filed, not filed fraudulently, and have been on the books long enough. If, after we do an analysis, a bankruptcy is indicated we can refer you to one of the bankruptcy attorneys we work with so that you may enjoy a "Fresh Start," free of worry about unpaid taxes.


Innocent Spouse Claims

While getting the IRS and FTB to determine that you are an innocent spouse is extremely complicated it can be done if you qualify under their guidelines. While this is one way to attack your problem it may not be the best method. We will certainly look at this option and advise you if you qualify.


Tax Lien Release

Tax liens are placed on your property in order to ensure that the taxes you owe will be paid by the proceeds from the sale of the liened property. It is very common for liens to be placed by the tax collector when setting up an installment plan. These liens will attach to all real estate you own.

Usually we deal with tax liens when real estate is going to be sold. Often this is the first time a person realizes that they have tax liens on their property. Tax liens can ruin potential sales and be a real embarrassment if others besides you own the property that has a lien on it.

We have been trained to handle all types of lien situations from the most complex to the very simple.

There is often more than one remedy to use in handling tax liens.


Sales Tax Defense

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly SBOE) is one of the most difficult agencies to work with. Their audit methods are very different than those used by other agencies. They are probably the most aggressive of all the agencies both in audit and in collection. We have had many sale tax cases and have successfully helped out clients who are either in the middle of an audit or working out a payment plan, settlement or appeal.



Appeals are available in many other collection situations as well as in audits. The process is different with each taxation agency but the opportunity to present your case to a fresh and impartial person can often be to your advantage.

It is always important to evaluate whether there is a chance for you to appeal whatever action the taxation authority is proposing or currently taking.


Tax Preparation

We prepare both timely filed returns as well as seriously past-due returns. While we have many clients who have come to us for tax problems, if they do not have a regular tax preparer, they often remain as yearly tax clients.

If you have many years of unfiled returns we are very experienced in how to get the necessary information needed to file an accurate return. There is no need to be uncomfortable talking about delinquent returns. This is a common part of our business at Tuttle & Tuttle, CPA.


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