Installment Agreement Negotiation

Setting up a payment plan is often the best solution to your tax problem. It will stop bank levies and other aggressive collection action that is making your life miserable.

However you do not want to set up a payment that is too large, which you will default. This actually makes your problems worse in the future. Many taxpayers, who deal with the tax collector on their own, just agree to pay anything per month to take the immediate pressure off. This is not a good solution in the long run.

We are very successful in getting a payment plan that our clients can live with.

Each tax agency has its own very specific guidelines about how many years/months they will allow taxpayers to make a payment plan. In order to qualify for longer periods than generally allowed, detailed financial information is required to convince the tax collectors to accept a smaller monthly payment than they would prefer. This is very time-consuming, however in the end it is the best course of action.

We want you to be successful and get this problem under control. This is why we have a very comprehensive approach to setting up payment plans.