Offer in Compromise

Everyone wants an Offer in Compromise. Who wouldn't want to pay less taxes than they currently owe? There is just one problem. Most tax representation companies you will hear about on the radio and TV use this as a "come on" ploy. "Pennies on the dollar" sounds so wonderful! BEWARE. One of the largest of these Offer in Compromise mills was shut down by the State of California Attorney General for fraudulent behavior.

In fact there are very specific guidelines that are quite difficult to qualify for when considering whether you should file an Offer in Compromise. If you qualify then an offer is a good solution. Processing an offer successfully requires lots of detailed paperwork and timely responses. This is why it is best to have a local representative who will keep their eye on your case at all times.

We have met too many people who have spent thousands of dollars unsuccessfully trying to get offers accepted only to come to us and find out that they never met the Offer in Compromise guidelines in the first place.

Don't spend thousands of dollars with a company that promises you the quick fix to your complex problems until you come see us. We have been in the tax representation business for many years. We will tell you the truth not just what you want to hear.