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Tax Audits

Few things can raise your blood pressure more than hearing that you have been selected for an audit. Even if you keep good records and have a good tax professional prepare your returns it will be a stressful time for you.

However, if you are like most people your records are a little sketchy to say the least. You may think that your tax preparer will represent you in the audit but our experience shows that unless they are CPA's or EA's you may not get any help at all. Really it all depends on the relationship you have with your tax preparer and what they are willing to do in this case. However do not expect them to help you in an audit for no free. This is a big mistake.

Tax audits by the all tax agencies require a trained professional at your side. You will be up against auditors who are highly skilled in looking at areas where they often can add more taxes. You need an advocate who understands the audit process and the tax law to represent you.

Our job is to take your records, organize them, and present them to the auditor in an efficient logical manner that will help the auditor finish the audit quickly and reduce the need for the auditor to look for skeletons in the closet.

We have had years of experience representing taxpayers in all types of audits. It is something we do well.

Audit Reconsideration

You have a huge tax bill from an audit and you know you do not owe so much money. Help! Audit reconsideration is available if you did not have the opportunity to present your information in the original audit. You need help to show your information now.

We have seen cases where the taxpayer has relied on someone else to meet with the auditor and that person did not go. Sometimes the taxpayer had other serious problems at the time of the audit and just could not respond. Sometimes the taxpayer tried to represent themselves but did not understand the tax law and what needed to be presented to prove their expenses.

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Basically if you have new information, that the auditor never saw, you may be granted the opportunity to present it now. We will request an audit reconsideration, if after looking at your audit report we determine that a reconsideration will be to your benefit.

Usually getting ready for an audit reconsideration requires the same work as preparing for an initial audit. We will go through all your documentation to substantiate the amounts on your tax return that the auditor disallowed or, if necessary, prove that not all deposits to your bank were income. In most cases if you qualify for an audit reconsideration it is an excellent choice.

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