Very few things can raise your blood pressure more than hearing you have been selected for an audit. Even if you keep good records and have a good tax professional prepare your returns it will be a stressful time for you.

However if you are like most people your records are a little sketchy to say the least and you have done the return yourself or used a very low cost tax preparer who has no idea where your numbers came from. 

Tax audits by the EDD, IRS and SBOE require someone on your side. You will be up against people who are highly trained to look for areas they can add more taxes to your returns. You need an advocate who understands the audit process to represent you. 

Our job is to take your data, organize it if necessary and present it in a logical manner that will reduce the need for the auditor to look for skeletons in the closet.

We have had years of experience representing taxpayers in all types of audits. It is something we do well.

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