Sometimes you will have an audit, usually by the IRS, in which you either have not been able to respond to the auditor because you did not understand how to respond or the person you hired to meet with the auditor on your behalf and explain your case to has dropped the ball.

If you do not sign the audit report agreeing to the audit adjustments you may have the opportunity to re-open this audit through the process called audit reconsideration. 

We will go through all your documentation that you can provide to substantiate the amounts on your tax return. We will find out what amounts can be verified and what cannot. We will look for any deductions you might have been entitled to that you missed. Then we will request an audit reconsideration to present your case.

It can sometimes take a year or more to have your case heard but the wait is worth it if you have been assessed an incorrect amount. We have had very good outcomes using the audit reconsideration process.

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