When you are audited sometimes you and the auditor disagree on the adjustments being made and the case is closed "unagreed." If you do not sign the auditor's paperwork, agreeing to the adjustments, you have the right to take your case to the appeals officer.

The process is different in each taxation agency but the opportunity to present your case to a fresh and impartial person can often be to your advantage. 

We will advise you whether we feel that appeals would be the best course of action for you. You would have to have a very good case before we would recommend appeals. 

After any type of audit, IRS, EDD, SBOE there is a very short time frame in which to request an appeal. If you are in doubt about your audit result do not delay in coming in to see us and discuss your case right away. 

It would be our job to get the facts together to represent you in the appeals hearing.

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