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Sometimes you will have an audit, usually by the IRS, in which you either have not been able to respond to the auditor because you did not understand how to respond or the person you hired to meet with the auditor on your behalf and explain your case to has dropped the ball.

When you are audited sometimes you and the auditor disagree on the adjustments being made and the case is closed "unagreed." If you do not sign the auditor's paperwork, agreeing to the adjustments, you have the right to take your case to the appeals officer.

Many people are of the mistaken belief that taxes can never be discharged in a Bankruptcy. Personal income taxes, some payroll taxes, and sales taxes can be discharged using a bankruptcy if the tax returns were actually filed, not filed fraudulently, and have been on the books long enough. If, after we do an analysis, a bankruptcy is indicated we can refer you to one of the bankruptcy attorneys we work with so that you may enjoy a "Fresh Start," free of worry about unpaid taxes.

The California State Board of Equalization is one of the most difficult agencies to work with. Their audit methods are very different than those used by other agencies. They are probably the most aggressive of all the agencies both in audit and in collection. We have had many SBOE cases and have successfully helped our clients who are either in the middle of an audit or working out a payment plan, settlement or appeal. 

While getting the IRS and FTB to determine that you are an innocent spouse is extremely complicated it can be done if you qualify under their guidelines. While this is one way to attack your problem it may not be the best method. We will certainly look at this option and advise you if you qualify.

Each agency has its own rules regarding penalty assessment, calculation and abatement. One of the most common statements we hear in our practice is "I don't mind paying the taxes I owe, but can you do something abou the huge penalties?" This is a reasonable request since in many cases the penalties and interest on the penalties are as large as the taxes that are originally owed.

Everyone wants an Offer in Compromise. Who wouldn't want to pay less taxes than they currently owe? There is just one problem. Most tax representation companies you will hear about on the radio and TV use this as a "come on" ploy. "Pennies on the dollar" sounds so wonderful! BEWARE. One of the largest of these Offer in Compromise mills was recently shut down by the State of California Attorney General for fraudulent behavior.

In most cases none of the tax collection agencies will consider setting up a payment plan until all unfiled returns are filed and assessed. This can be a big problem when you have wage garnishment or other threatening action against you.

Tax liens are placed on your property in order to ensure that the taxes you owe will be paid by the proceeds from the sale of the liened property. It is very common for liens to be placed by the tax collector when setting up an installment plan. These liens will attach to all real estate you own. 

Setting up a payment plan is often the best solution to your tax problem. It will stop bank levies and other aggressive collection action that is making your life miserable. 

The tax collectors use wage garnishments as one of the most aggressive things they can do to get your attention. These wage garnishments can leave you living on about 25% of your take-home pay. They are horrible.

When the tax collector is unable to contact you through regular channels they often will issue a bank levy. This is a real problem if you have a payroll to meet or many essential bills to pay. Very few people can have a levy on their bank account and not suffer.

Very few things can raise your blood pressure more than hearing you have been selected for an audit. Even if you keep good records and have a good tax professional prepare your returns it will be a stressful time for you.

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